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Taller people enjoy a type of privilege that most people will never get to enjoy. But now there are some options!


Is your life a prison or a palace?

Approximately four months ago (Aug 2022) I was hanging out with friends and one of my friends looked at me and said, “Amery, how tall are you?” as she looked at me with this look of disbelief. I told her that I’m 5’11 and she instantly challenged it, saying, nooo, you’re not that tall.

Saying, noooo,  you’re not that tall…

Standing next to me comparing herself with me, she said, “are you really saying you’re 6 inches taller than me?” slightly bothered and a little embarrassed by the “survey” questions and the gathering audience, I said, “yeah I really am.”   A little bit annoyed by this exchange, but used to her challenges, being this wasn’t the first time she’s challenged me on something, I reiterated, “Yeah… I’m pretty sure I’m 5’11.”
This went on for about two minutes until she got bored and decided to do something else but I have to admit it did bother me.  That evening when I got back home I measured myself and to my displeasure she was right.
w tall are you?” as she looked at me with this look of disbelief. I told her that I’m 5’11 and she instantly challenged it, saying, nooo, you’re not that tall.

She was 

I was not 511, I was in fact 5′ 10 and a 1/2.  This hurt… here I am, already shorter than my father who was 6ft and now I’m not even 5’11?!  

E-mo-tion-al dam-age!

I immediately looked into how this could’ve been. I could’ve sworn I was taller. Is it possible that I’m already losing height at 44 years old? Experts say you can start losing height starting at 40 years old, which to me, just seems way way too early. 
What happened next was life-changing because as I read and gathered information and talk to some experts I started to realize there was a chance, that I could regain my height and possibly a little bit more. For the next several months I put my plan into action and almost immediately I found myself getting taller. 
      I excitedly shared it with my coworkers, who you will see in the video above on this website and on the Taller is Better YouTube page. I was getting taller. It was exciting. It was honestly unbelievable. I really didn’t think that at my age I could actually get taller, because a lot of the research I had read said that it was virtually impossible. 

 It was 

I’ve learned a lot about height and its benefits in the last few months and this journey has honestly showed me so much about myself and  our amazing bodies that we’ve been given and now I feel like I’m at a place where I can share with others who would also want to grow a little taller.

 I’ve read in the past that it’s always good to have some haters, and now I know what that feels like!  If I didn’t have a hater that day I would still be 5’10 and a 1/2 instead of 5’11 and a 1/2. My next goal is 6 feet. If and when I hit this goal I’ll be sure to let you guys know on my Taller is Better YouTube page and on my Instagram page which is @taller_is_better_ and now I can proudly say, thank you hater!  This journey wouldn’t have been possible without you! 


Walk with a purpose and be more confident. After my gains someone said that I seemed more confident

For every inched gained people earned more money per research

Have a height requirement for work? or just want to be taller to get the most out of dating and finding the right partner?

Outside of work, and your love life what else is there that height influences? How could an extra half inch or more in height improve your life?
I decided to do something about it and it worked and it's still working. I'm still growing (1/24/2023) I want to see how far I can take this. Depending on several factors half an inch in height gains or more could be possible. What are your goals?
I enjoy my new height. It's funny to see the confused expressions on people's faces when they are trying to figure out why I appear different. Stay diligent. Do the work and enjoy your height gains.


Become your best self

Change > Static

You have the ability to physically change your height and to be happier. Take advantage of this opportunity

Growth Stages

Change is growth… and added height has been proven to bring about multiple benefits

For the Record

Increased height brings more confidence, money and opportunities

History Speaks

About 90% of the CEO’s in the United States are above average height


Per studies, women while choosing a mate will choose the taller of the two men

Do it for Yourself

Change should be to improve your quality of life. More height equals more respect and overall that improves the quality of life



Excellent quality of life

80% of women really care about height 80%
5'9 is the average male height in America 50%
5'3 is the average female height 50%

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